Future of Branding: Meet the Simplifiers

Global brand strategy, design, and experience firm, Siegel+Gale, is taking its Future of Branding CMO series to Advertising Week Europe.

Filling In the Missing Middle

We've all seen marketers focus on the top and bottom of the funnel, measuring success through awareness or sales. But is there a huge chunk of audiences and potential they're missing out? Taking audiences through new Bauer Media research, the panel will demonstrate how creative campaigns and authentic storytelling across radio and magazines can help fill that void - building brand relevance, consideration and trust.

Inclusive Innovation & Brand Building

3 tips on how to build an inclusive brand in today’s environment led by serial entrepreneur and veteran brand builder, Keenan Beasley.

Marketing in a time of activism

Brands are evolving into organizations with as much character, individuality, and expression as the people that consume their products and services. Consumers more and more view their choice of brand as a reflection of their own identities and values. During a time of heightened consumer activism, we discuss how brands navigate aligning with causes and understanding what actions best represent and reflect their own and their customers' values.

Real Is the New Cultural Currency: How Brands Become a Part of Culture on TikTok

Realness is the new cultural currency, but what does that mean for brands? Brands continue to try to navigate cultural trends ranging from social justice, to WFH, to whatever comes next, but knowing how to empathize and connect with audiences while remaining relevant in a highly-charged, complex environment is more challenging than ever. Join host, Sofia Hernandez, TikTok’s Head of US Business Marketing, as she speaks with brand, agency, and creative partners from the TikTok community....

The Most Dramatic (Season) Campaign Ever by Betches & SkinnyPop

Founded in 2011, Betches Media is a female-founded media company that produces original and branded content and provides a place for women to connect, relate, escape, laugh out loud, and make sense of the world around them. Betches works with a variety of both new and established brands who want access to their audience of highly-engaged and self-aware millennials by way of 360 creative content campaigns. Brands trying to attract millennials? Groundbreaking.

How to build a future for your brand

Over the past year and a half, Zoopla has been on a mission to overhaul its brand from inside out. From hermit crabs moving house to its new positioning ‘We know what a home is really worth’, Zoopla has learnt to play on its’ strength and also tap into the emotional value of home hunting. But evolving brand proposition is just one part of the puzzle to becoming the preferred site for consumers in a competitive and changing housing market. Gary Bramall, CMO at Zoopla will explain how...

The Decline of the American Brand in Europe

We surveyed 5,000 adults in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, and found that the U.S. ranks among the worst of any country or region when it came to perceptions of how it is handling the pandemic. Not only do 40% or more of adults in each market (including 49% of Germans) believe American companies are not doing enough in response to the coronavirus, they've become notably more pessimistic of American brands too. We explore how this translates into Europeans' purchasing...

Reimagining Retail for a Post-Covid Era

The retail landscape – like the wider world – has been upended by the pandemic. Consumers are demanding more meaning from their shopping experience and brand interactions, while community has never been more important. Reimagining Retail for a Post-Covid Era is your chance to get a glimpse at the future of retail. To hear about and understand the disruptive forces at play, to be inspired by how surprising brands are navigating the turbulence, and to learn about the emerging opportunities...

National Geographic: Delivering purpose driven storytelling

It is well documented that consumers are increasingly buying into brands that stand for more than just profit gains and that brands with an authentic, well communicated purpose consistently outperform others. The rise in ‘belief buying’ is a real consumer trend as is the expectation that brands have the opportunity to be a real force for good in the world. Clearly communicating your company’s efforts is more important than ever. In this session, National Geographic shares insights from the...

Dark Social: The Rise of Brand Communities

Organic reach across social media is declining and paid media costs are increasing: brands are turning to Dark Social to own the direct line of communication to fans; and consumers are moving towards closed communities for privacy and community; and influencers and celebrities are using dark social to strengthen their connection to fans.

Is There a Place for Brands on the Frontlines of Identity-Based Activism?

This year, when the conversation about #BlackLivesMatter saw its highest spike ever on Twitter – 240 Tweets per second – it reinforced Twitter's role as a space where marginalized communities can raise issues to the forefront of public conversation. At the same time, these communities are calling into question who can sit with them on the frontlines. Can brands be real allies? In this session, Twitter's God-is Rivera and a panel of activists discuss the intersection of brand activism, racial...
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