Real Is the New Cultural Currency: How Brands Become a Part of Culture on TikTok

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Realness is the new cultural currency, but what does that mean for brands? Brands continue to try to navigate cultural trends ranging from social justice, to WFH, to whatever comes next, but knowing how to empathize and connect with audiences while remaining relevant in a highly-charged, complex environment is more challenging than ever. Join host, Sofia Hernandez, TikTok’s Head of US Business Marketing, as she speaks with brand, agency, and creative partners from the TikTok community. Through their perspectives, attendees will discover how brands are reaching their audience in real, genuine ways on TikTok
Sofia Hernandez Head of US Business Marketing
Evan Horowitz Founder
Movers + Shakers
Rich Guy Creator
James Valdes Senior Brand Manager
Danone North America

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