The Power of Stories in Creating Community

Save the Children and Scholastic will discuss their recent collaboration on the viral #SAVEWITHSTORIES campaign – launched by actors Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams to support children impacted by the unprecedented school closures due to COVID. By creating a community of children, families, readers, educators, celebrities and authors – the collaboration proved that storytelling is the most powerful and enduring human tool for change.

The Young Vic – The New Tomorrow

An influential playhouse in London with an explicit mission to amplify diverse voices and stories, and expand access to quality theatre. The Creative Director, Kwame Kwei-Armah, is one of fewer than five Black creative directors globally of mainstream playhouses.

Level up your partnerships with TikTok Creators

Join Head of Marketing for TikTok's Global Business Solutions Trevor Johnson and Flora Reynolds from the Creator Solutions team to learn more about TikTok's unique Creator community. This workshop will share how to successfully leverage TikTok Creators for your branded campaign and showcase innovative new product solutions that put Creators at the centre. Hear from TikTok Creators joining the session to give exclusive insights on how to succeed on TikTok in a branded context.

Culture 3.0: Keep Culture Going in the COVID-19 Era

Horizon Media Founder Bill Koenigsberg has elevated the companies long held “Business is personal” philosophy to new heights during the pandemic. An inside look at how a Founder & CEO re-invented how Horizon keeps and nurtures culture in 2020.

Reinventing Brand Categories with Bonin Bough, Chief Growth Officer at Triller & Todd Kaplan, VP Marketing at Pepsi

Many of the most successful brands have undergone transformations to reinvent themselves to continue to create culture defining moments. Join Todd Kaplan of Pepsi and Bonin Bough of Triller to learn more about how these two brands have been at the forefront of culture bringing together music, creativity and technology while maintaining explosive growth.

Mass Appeal: The Future of Entertainment

Six years ago, Peter Bittenbender joined forces with rapper Nas to create a media company that felt like the future. Built on the heritage of New York magazine brand Mass Appeal, the company grew out of its niche media origins into one of the most interesting entertainment companies of today. Now comprising an original content division, a music label led by Nas and a division that works directly with brands, the business is using its unique perspective on Black and hip hop culture to tell...

Aligning beliefs with behaviors - designing culture from the inside out

This talk will explore the psychology of how beliefs turn into behavior - both personally and professionally - and how organizational culture takes shape as a result. Organizational behavior is shaped by a series of what we call ‘culture loops’ - unconscious programming that emerges from organizational norms and group behavior. Organizations of the future will only be as strong as the cultures they build. Those that are capable of building sustainable culture loops will not only strengthen...

Real Is the New Cultural Currency: How Brands Become a Part of Culture on TikTok

Realness is the new cultural currency, but what does that mean for brands? Brands continue to try to navigate cultural trends ranging from social justice, to WFH, to whatever comes next, but knowing how to empathize and connect with audiences while remaining relevant in a highly-charged, complex environment is more challenging than ever. Join host, Sofia Hernandez, TikTok’s Head of US Business Marketing, as she speaks with brand, agency, and creative partners from the TikTok community....

The Most Dramatic (Season) Campaign Ever by Betches & SkinnyPop

Founded in 2011, Betches Media is a female-founded media company that produces original and branded content and provides a place for women to connect, relate, escape, laugh out loud, and make sense of the world around them. Betches works with a variety of both new and established brands who want access to their audience of highly-engaged and self-aware millennials by way of 360 creative content campaigns. Brands trying to attract millennials? Groundbreaking.

A Moment or Movement: A Town Hall with SATURDAY MORNING

An open conversation from the leaders of SATURDAY MORNING, creators of the Emmy nominated The Look, on the role of creativity in driving economic change in racial equity, and the role that brands and companies must take to make this not a moment but a real movement. Moderated by Krystle Watler, Managing Director, Virtue. Takeaways: Creativity has the power to shift and change racial bias. Until change happens internally at brands and companies, the outward messages will not have...

Sharing is Caring

How is the retail industry responding to the sharing economy and an audience who owns less and less? Does economic uncertainty mean the new culture of sharing is here to stay?

Part of the culture: Do we really want the New Gen to fit in?

As the industry scrambles for the Talent it needs to cope with the myriad challenges it faces, a lot of the focus has been on recruitment. But what are we doing with the New Gen when they get through the doors? Are we expecting them to 'fit in' and 'hit the ground running' in existing roles, or are we looking for the New Gen to bring new thinking. In this session two soon-to-be new hires challenge senior industry figures who set their businesses' culture and ask: "how will you make best use...
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