Keeping Customers at the Center with Omni-Channel and Hyperlocal Strategies

Ad Age & DAC Group: Earlier this year, leading global performance marketing agency, DAC, released an exclusive study with Forrester on how to build a truly seamless omnichannel experience—a critical ingredient to success that a staggering 85% of organizations struggle with. DAC joins us at Advertising Week—alongside Ad Age and special guest—to discuss how organizations can lay the building blocks of omnichannel, hyperlocal strategies that put customers at the center of everything.

Up, Up and Away! How to Position Travel Brands for Growth in Today’s World

One of the hardest hit industries of the pandemic has been the travel industry, and while travel is up, continued uncertainty is predicted ahead. What’s the new mindset of the traveler and how do you continue to stir their imagination even when they might not be traveling? Learn how to fuel consumers’ love for travel and exploration, and ensure loyalty to your brand and services. So, whether they are traveling now or dreaming for the future, you can be sure to capture their share of mind and,...

Powerful Women in Media & Advertising Today

When it comes to making room at the table, there’s still work that needs to be done. The advertising industry has long been seen as a boys club, but companies are actively fostering gender diversity within their leadership ranks. At WarnerMedia, all of the senior leadership team in the advertising sales division are talented and extraordinary women. Join us to hear from this impressive team about their individual journeys, the impact their presence as leaders has had, and how WarnerMedia has...

What’s Next For a Career Hit Hard by the Pandemic: The Next Move Women in the Workforce Should Make

Multiple studies have shown that the pandemic was most impactful to the careers of women, particularly women with children. Now that we’re heading into the second year of COVID, many are reassessing their priorities at work and at home. In this panel, hiring managers, clients and HR experts will discuss critical topics related to how women can best position themselves, how managers can be supportive mentors and sponsors, and what needs to be next in terms of what agencies offer.

Scaling DTC Brands: Simultaneously Building Brand Awareness While Driving Sales

DTC brands have emerged as the darlings of e-commerce, but many still approach two key pillars - brand awareness and revenue growth - in silos. Rain the Growth Agency has cracked the code for approaching them together through Transactional Brand Building. Bianca Reed, Rain the Growth Agency’s Vice President of Client Service, Inclusion Marketing & Valerie Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer of Headspace, candidly discuss how a joint approach not only drives sales and generates awareness, but...

The Creative Case for Inclusion

People from under-represented communities are a minority in the advertising workforce, which is reflected in the content that consumers see. How can we break down the barriers for under-represented groups and create an inclusive workplace culture that results in authentic, unstereotyped content? The Unstereotype Alliance’s State of the Industry report confirmed the systemic inequalities in our communities are as widespread in the global advertising industry. Building greater diversity...

The World is Ending and It’s Never Been a Better Time to Be in Advertising

The pandemic has changed the world immensely - the way we work, the way we interact and what we value in life. Dramatic headlines have plagued our lives like the Coronavirus itself, proclaiming the world ending as we know it. In this session, DDB Global Chief Creative Officer Ari Weiss addresses the unexpected silver linings of the end of the world and why the advertising industry is about to enter its most exciting era yet.

Fuse: Connecting With Your Audience Through Representation and Empowerment

While the 2020 census revealed that the US is more racially and ethnically diverse than ever, TV programming continues to under-represent diversity at an alarming rate. Latino-owned Fuse Media has put representation, inclusion & empowerment at the core of its brand. Join Judi Lopez, Head of Content Distribution & Advocacy, and Fernando Romero, Head of Ad Sales, as they discuss how this mission has shaped and inspired the company's programming strategy, advocacy decisions and insights they...

How Data & Community-Focused Storytelling are Modernizing Weber’s Marketing

Grilling is a universal lifestyle that crosses cultures, cuisines and communities - and legacy brand Weber has always been at the forefront of this space. With the pandemic upending Weber’s sales pipeline - an increase in traffic to ecommerce vs. retail - the brand had to rethink it’s digital strategy and invest heavily in analytics, while staying true to its brand ethos of community and discovery. In this session, you will hear from Amy Pascal, VP/Head of Marketing for Weber U.S.,...

Future Finders: The Future of Customer Experience with Elizabeth Rutledge

From live events to where you invest in marketing, what’s the future of customer experience… what will stay the same and how will it evolve?

Future Finders: The Future of Rising Hispanic Stars with Claudia Romo Edelman

Peering into the impact the Hispanic community has had in the US and why brands and companies should be paying closer attention.

Future Finders: The Future of Personalized Marketing with Larson Banilower

Join Larson Banilower, Vice President, Head of Agency, Criteo to discuss everything that matters in a live interview from Advertising Week New York.
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