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The TV industry is on the verge of a game-changing advancement: full addressable capabilities on all 16 minutes of ad inventory within the live linear broadcast hour. By enabling more relevant advertising and interactivity on the smart TV glass, we have a golden opportunity to maximize the value of 36 billion hours per month of premium audience time while pushing TV advertising effectiveness to unprecedented levels.

This session brings together forward thinking executives from around the industry for a discussion on the coming disruption of live linear advertising and how collaboration among players will help the industry overcome scale issues and enable addressable measurement within c3/c7 to fully unlock the power of addressable advertising for all. View Less

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  1. How agencies will benefit from a unified marketplace which enables them to buy from discrete sources of addressable inventory spanning different platforms
  2. Why inventory owners will be able to extract more value than ever out of their precious commercial time through addressability
  3. What the addressable advertising marketplace will look like and how it will operate in the year 2023
  4. What are the primary benefits of advertiser and how can they prepare for 2023?

Presented with


Kelly Abcarian General Manager, Advanced Video Advertising Group Nielsen
Tracey Scheppach CEO & Co-founder Matter More
David Campanelli EVP, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Video Horizon Media
Bryson Gordon Executive Vice President, Advanced Advertising Viacom
Scott Rosenberg GM/SVP Platform Business Roku
Laura Nelson Senior Vice President, Cross Portfolio Solutions Disney Advertising Sales

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Event Type Seminar