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There are many dazzling tech tools at B2B marketers’ disposal, but success is less about these vehicles and more about the message that’s delivered.

While there are many rational elements involved in a business relationship, feelings ultimately drive B2B decisions.

To better understand what feelings, at what moments, create success, the Financial Times and leading global B2B creative agency gyro polled hundreds of global FT readers.

Especially during these uncertain times, they want to feel confident optimism. Confident optimism is driven by a number of factors, including shared culture, strong communication and proof of expertise.

This session, moderated by VP of IAB, Susan Borst, will open a discussion to explore how B2B marketers can tap into this powerful feeling. Expert panelists include: Financial Times’ Laura Milsted, Global Advertising Director, B2B and Insight, Christoph Becker, global CEO + CCO of gyro, Professor Michel Tuan Pham of Columbia University Business School, and CMO of Grant Thornton, John Harmeling. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What positive feelings drive successful business relationships and how can marketers leverage these feelings?
  2. What negative feelings kill business relationships and how can they be avoided?
  3. What are the keys for creating the most desirable feeling of confident optimism among B2B decision makers?

Presented with


John Harmeling CMO Grant Thornton
Christoph Becker CEO & CCO GYRO
Laura Milsted Global Advertising Director, B2B and Insight Financial Times
Michel Tuan Pham Professor of Marketing Columbia University Business School
Susan Borst VP, Mobile Interactive Advertising Bureau

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