Michel Tuan Pham

Michel Tuan Pham is the Kravis Professor of Marketing at Columbia Business School, which he joined more than 20 years ago. He has a Licentiate degree in Applied Economics from the Catholic University of Louvain-Mons in Belgium and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Business-Administration/Marketing from the University of Florida, Gainesville. The author of more than 50 publications in leading scientific journals, he is a leading authority on the role of emotions in decision-making and on consumer psychology. He is the founder of Columbia’s RED (Research on Emotions and Decisions) Lab, whose distinguished alumni are now also professors at major universities. His articles on subjects such as “Emotion and Rationality,” “The Emotional Oracle Effect,” “The Primacy of Feelings in Judgment,” “The Distinct Effects of Anxiety versus Sadness,” “The Logic of Feeling,” and “The Effects of Relaxation of Valuation,” have garnered thousands of scholarly citations. In 2015, he was named Fellow of the Society for Consumer Psychology, the organization’s highest honor, for his “Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Consumer Psychology.” He is also a popular executive teacher and a regular consultant to major companies on matters related to consumer psychology and insight, branding, and trademark psychology. (For more information on him, check www.micheltuanpham.com.)