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In the age of Amazon, drop-shipping, and smartphones, online shopping is now more convenient than ever and ecommerce continues to show signs of massive growth. That said, it is a common misconception that physical brick-and-mortar stores are in danger of disappearing. Despite the torrent of press, 90% of all commerce still happens in-store according the U.S. Census Bureau. In other words, more than 9 in 10 purchases are rung up in-person at POS stations attended by real people holding real products.

This panel will take a deep dive into the future of brick-and-mortar retail by discussing the windfalls and pitfalls that physical store locations can face in our digital world and will cover everything from location and customer experience to why retailers should embrace both and online and offline strategy. As the American Mall goes the way of the Dodo, what can retailers and marketers do to make sure that they survive and thrive?

This panel will include expert insights from key industry leaders in the retail space will be moderated by GroundTruth CMO, Eric Hadley. View Less

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Eric Hadley Chief Marketing Officer GroundTruth
Whitney Fishman Zember Managing Partner, Innovation & Consumer Technology Wavemaker
Tariq Hassan EVP, Chief Marketing Officer Petco
Christina Lu General Manager, Uni Marketing Center Alibaba Group Marketing

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