Ad Experience with Brand Suitability for Post-GDPR

The GDPR is a leading example of the widespread regulation of government control over personal privacy data which promotes restrictions on the use of third-party cookies by global tech companies such as Google and Apple. As a result, new services such as CMP have emerged and are changing the marketing landscape. Brands need to take into account the ever changing world of consumer sentiment and adapt their strategies specifically to these changes. In areas such as Europe, “interest matching”...

Identity Decoded: a fireside chat with Brittany Kaiser

Our online identities are hot property, but while marketers are looking for more data on their customers, consumers are asking more questions about what is being done with that information. This exclusive fireside chat with Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and data activist Brittany Kaiser will unpack consumer attitudes and discuss how the industry can rebuild trust with customers. Verizon Media’s Head of Data ANZ Dan Richardson will delve into consumer sentiment about their online...

First Party Data & Walled Gardens

As more and more regulations around the world seek to restrict third-party data flows, how are companies that rely on these sources responding? Will the data-control landscape be limited to first parties—and everyone else? How do new market entrants promising consumer-controlled "zero party" data factor into the future of data flows? Join this session with Alison Pepper, 4A’s SVP–Government Relations, as she takes on these questions and more about data today and the day after tomorrow.

Cannabis, Social Justice and Diversity

Cannabis legalization is creating significant business opportunities as the black market transitions into a regulated industry. Unfortunately, social injustice already exists in this emerging business.

Global Cannabis Marketing Opportunities

Marketing and advertising for THC brands are here to stay. The passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 has accelerated the already growing market for hemp-derived CBD, providing great opportunities but is coupled with interesting challenges that other CPG brands don't face.

Building for a Cookie-Less World: The Future is Now

Here’s the reality.There are: increased privacy regulations, major Internet browsers disabling cookie-based tracking and big media companies deprecating third party data availability for targeting. All the while those walls around the walled gardens are towering higher. It’s safe to say cookie-based ad serving, data usage and tracking is growing more limited by the minute, obfuscating a marketer and publisher’s ability to understand consumers and deliver on the promise of audience-based...

Kumbaya: Coming Together to Deliver a Better Consumer Ad Experience

Publishing content on the internet has always been a tough corner. Now that consumers are much more aware of topics like their privacy online, not to mention equipped with tools like privacy or content-blocking software to control it themselves, is this another turn of the screw for the publishing industry? Or is it an opportunity?

Embrace Industry Changes to Create New Opportunities

Recent months have brought industry change at an exponentially fast pace, creating new opportunities. New state regulations have been introduced, changes to industry standards such as third-party cookies have been contemplated, the era of data-driven television has finally arrived and marketers continue to ingest an even greater array of data in the quest to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers. While this frenetic ecosystem presents new challenges – it also represents an...

The Future Of Advertising Regulation In The UK

Guy Parker, CEO at the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) takes a closer look at the direction of advertising in the UK; how methods are evolving, and how the UK’s advertising regulator has itself made changes to keep pace with this change. Guy will explain the ASA’s key priorities, the growing importance of online ad regulation and a look at what is in the pipeline for the UK’s regulator in the not so distant future – could AI really help to keep more ads responsible?

Going Global – A Growth Strategy

Taking a business global requires a deep understanding of target markets, the current state of the market and its trends, as well as, its competitors and its disrupters. It is a complex and dynamic process, where business leaders will need to understand and determine the risks and the undertaking. This has been a topic of conversation at AWEurope for the last four years and we will continue to build on it with agency leaders from around the globe.

Beyond User Privacy

Discover How Consented Data Can Fuel Your Marketing Strategy and Drive Tangible Benefits to Your Business.
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