Donny Deutsch: The Influence of Media in an Election Year

As we approach one of the most divisive elections our country has ever experienced, the role and responsibility of the press is greater than ever. In this conversation, political analyst Donny Deutsch takes a candid, unflinching look at the current political landscape and how voter opinions are influenced by what they see and hear in the news. He will discuss the perception of media in the age of fake news, the responsibility of the press in an election year defined by its political divide,...

The Branding of The Candidates 2020

Fueled by social media and the always-on, connected consumer, the branding of politics and the politics of branding have been redefined before our very eyes almost overnight. Is this a permanent change, or a moment in time? How are today’s candidates, and the President, branding themselves? What might a winning Democratic Primary brand be? What is the most compelling general election brand for President Trump? For his Democratic Challenger? Should they employ ad agencies? And how do they...

Privacy and Digital Marketing: Five Predictions for 2020

With consumer privacy concerns rising and regulation on the horizon, companies cannot afford marketing missteps or mishaps when it comes to serving their customers. Join eMarketer principal analyst Lauren Fisher as she shares her predictions for how privacy will alter the digital advertising landscape in 2020.

Marketing in the Trump Era

In last year’s “Marketing in the Trump Era” panel, an attendee prefaced his question with “this is the best Advertising Week panel I ever attended”. Well, we are still in the Trump Era and the same issues we were facing last year still persist. The Wall has given way to ICE and detention centers where families are separated and living in documented deplorable conditions. Mass shootings are rampant. More women are coming forward with accusations of sexual harassment (#MeToo). Unjust police...

20/20: Politics & Advertising

Join Harris Diamond and Mark Penn, current ad chiefs with former lives as political consultants for a head to head on the intersection of politics and advertising. Hear what brands need to consider going into an election year, which 2020 campaigns are getting it right, and how the next four years may impact the advertising business.

Politics as Pop Culture: How the News Has Become the New Must-See TV and What to Know Heading into 2020

In an era where television viewership has decreased, news has seen a renaissance, with live viewership reaching all-time highs. The reasoning is politics – the story changes on a daily, sometimes hourly basis - and as we head into an election year, the new slate of must-see television all revolves around the news. As leading anchors on the number one cable network in America, Martha MacCallum, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace will be co-anchoring all election coverage. Each of them can provide a...

Brand Belonging: The Next Frontier in Brand Building

What is brand belonging and why should brands care? In today’s hyper-connected era, studies show that consumers are feeling more disconnected than ever before. With online networks replacing real-world relationships, political polarization at an all-time high and a collapse of trust in large institutions a “belonging deficit” has grown nationwide and companies are responding.

2020 Survival Guide: How Brands Can Navigate the New Era of Politics

Donald Trump fundamentally altered the way brands engage with the political environment. As the 2020 election approaches, brands are facing new challenges and opportunities. Join Morning Consult as they reveal new insights from a survey conducted in partnership with Advertising Week looking at what consumers expect when it comes to political engagement, and what brands can do to election-proof themselves over the next year.

Get Out the Vote: How Brands Can Message and Mobilize for the 2020 Elections

When it comes to messaging to voters, what combination of strategies actually work to drive voter turnout?Tuesday (September 24) is National Voter Registration day, so show your civic pride by coming to learn from industry experts who’ve grappled with some of the hard questions around mobilizing more Americans to the polls. We'll dissect whether messages and media alone can truly drive get out the vote efforts, and answer what encourages voter turnout and ultimately, civic engagement.

THE TRUST DEFICIT: Why This Year Matters to the Future of News

Imagine a world without news. How would that impact our lives, our literacy, our democracy? What about our jobs in advertising? As trust in news erodes, so does the heart and soul of our business. Some argue that advertiser hyper-sensitivity to brand safety in news is impacting the sector’s economic viability, while others believe in its necessity. Join this time-sensitive dialogue with advertiser, publisher, agency and tech executives as they debate and collaborate on what it will take to...

Gun Safety Alliance Presents: How Business Leaders Are Needed To Make This Country Safer

Gun Safety Alliance co-founder and Blackbird CEO Ross Martin brings his popular LinkedIn series “NoNeutral” live to the Advertising Week stage. Martin interviews two senior business leaders who have taken a strong position on gun safety, one of the biggest issues of our time, then introduces a special live performance by Manuel Oliver, in honor of his son, Joaquin, who died in the Parkland High School massacre called: My Son. My Hero.

ABC NEWS: The Road To 2020 & Beyond

We'll provide an exclusive look at the upcoming storylines and newsmakers of the 2020 election featuring coverage from our highly respected journalists with unprecedented access. We will showcase multiple points of view and coverage across the Disney portfolio from TV to digital to social.
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