New York 2019


Defying Definitions: The Real Radiance and Passion of Modeling

Join us at Advertising Week as Boz Saint John, CMO for Endeavor, interviews Joan Smalls, the Puerto Rican model whose career has skyrocketed since 2010.

Backstage with Trevor Noah + Jeremi Gorman: Creativity and the Mobile Generation

Trevor Noah knows his audience — the emerging generation of mobile-first consumers, voters, and decision-makers. As the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Noah appears on television, as well as Snapchat Discover in a made-for-mobile show geared especially towards Snapchat’s 200+ million daily users. Speaking with Jeremi Gorman, Snap’s Chief Business Officer, she and Noah take us behind the curtain to discuss his creative process and how he’s engaged a generation of young viewers through...

The Combination of Influence & Authenticity Makes a Winning Team

The most compelling influencer content inspires, connects and engages the audience in a genuine way. In an increasingly saturated media environment, how do brands effectively tap into the power of athletes, while maintaining brand authenticity? This powerhouse session, featuring leaders from all sides of the influencer marketing equation, explores what it takes to deliver athlete-driven content across a variety of platforms and build a successful brand and influencer partnership that wins the...

Dear Industry, Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

Given that nearly one in five U.S. adults lives with a mental illness, and there’s mounting evidence that the ratios maybe even higher for the creatively minded, the ad industry needs to make mental health a priority. Mike Caguin will outline for the four in five people who aren’t suffering from a mental illness how to be empathetic and better coworkers and supervisors to those who are.

20/20: Politics & Advertising

Join Harris Diamond and Mark Penn, current ad chiefs with former lives as political consultants for a head to head on the intersection of politics and advertising. Hear what brands need to consider going into an election year, which 2020 campaigns are getting it right, and how the next four years may impact the advertising business.

Uncovering Consumers' Emotions Based on Behaviors

Join Huge’s Global CEO Pete Stein and Brooks Running’s CMO Melanie Allen for an intimate fireside chat as they discuss the advertising industry’s next frontier: bringing emotions to brand experiences. From creating the first-ever AI advertising judge, redesigning cycling helmets for real Tour de France riders and even creating bespoke retail experiences for SK-II’s consumers, Huge is at the forefront of this trend. Learn more about the agency’s collaboration model with Brooks, as Pete and...

What Automation Can Do For Your Brand

Looking to reinvent your business? Be more productive? Increase your ROI? Hear from the experts how automation & machine learning can help you predict and create personalized experiences at scale.

Gen Z Disruption: Why Most of What You Know About Gen Z Influence is Wrong

In a shifting video landscape dominated by Gen Z & Millennials, Snapchat is driving results for advertisers with their augmented reality and video advertising solutions for advertisers. Hear first-ever research quantifying the power of influence this critical generation has on household purchase behavior and discuss what it takes to break through in a crowded digital video environment with our featured guest, Minjae Ormes, CMO of Visible.

LIVE Digital for the Superfan

In case you haven't noticed, live streaming social media is blowing up the scene. Why is it so popular? In this fireside chat, hear from Twitter on the latest insights on how Hispanics are behaving on social and how brands can stay ahead of the game and win with social live streaming.

Politics as Pop Culture: How the News Has Become the New Must-See TV and What to Know Heading into 2020

In an era where television viewership has decreased, news has seen a renaissance, with live viewership reaching all-time highs. The reasoning is politics – the story changes on a daily, sometimes hourly basis - and as we head into an election year, the new slate of must-see television all revolves around the news. As leading anchors on the number one cable network in America, Martha MacCallum, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace will be co-anchoring all election coverage. Each of them can provide a...

The Urgent Power of Live Sports: Rallying Fans and Moving Pop Culture on the Road to Super Bowl LIV

FOX will facilitate a conversation on the power of live content and the benefits and attributes that it generates for the advertising community.

Authentic Stories In Manufactured Worlds: How To Speak 'Gamer'

No other community—online or off—can smell bullshit quite like gamers. Savvy almost to a fault, gamers represent a significant challenge to today’s brand creatives. Win them over and they’re more loyal than anyone. Trigger their BS radar and you’ll lose them forever. In this discussion, learn why winning over gamers is all about authenticity and the ability to not only speak their language, but learning to know what to say once you have their attention.
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