The Streaming Revolution

How an Indonesian streamer is paving the way with premium live sports, originals and a vast library. We will discuss the strategy of Mola TV, how it's adapted and what it will do next! Mola TV is a premium video streaming service that combines a complete offering of entertainment content , ranging from premium live sports events, high quality local and foreign original programs, curated movies and fun learning children programming. Mola is available on web, mobile app, Android TV app and...

Global Keynote: The End of the Status Quo

Sir Martin Sorrell sits down with the FT's Angela Mackay to tackle the issues for brands, agencies and the economy today. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and many companies are having to scramble to adapt to a new environment where all bets are off in terms of business as usual. Will new consumer behaviors stick around? How will the economy rebound globally and what does it mean for the Asia-Pacific region? Don't miss this analysis of what lies ahead.

Global Keynote: Disruption in a time of COVID

Mark Read, CEO of WPP joins Advertising Week's MD of global education Ruth Mortimer for a conversation about disruption. How will the pandemic impact our industry globally? What will happen as we go into a recovery? Mark Read tackles the big issues on the agenda of agencies and brands worldwide.

Digital approach on Brand Strategy Post Covid19

Despite uncertainties in the current world, people around the world are beginning to think about the post-pandemic future - many sharing the opinion that previous lifestyles will drastically change once everything returns back to “normal”. In the past, the world has experienced recessions, large-scale terrorism and natural disasters that had an immediate effect on local populations; however, the modern world has never faced the challenge where virtually every life is at risk at once.

Marketers in Pyjamas

Marketers in Pyjamas has landed at AWJAPAC. This light-hearted series taps into the powerful minds of the world’s top marketers to uncover real-time strategies. Join Jules Lund, Founder of TRIBE, a self-serve marketplace connecting brands with micro-influencers, as he chats to the CMO of Moonpig, Kristof Fahy, whose experience includes Yahoo!, Hostelworld, Telegraph Media Group & Ladbrokes.

Inspire through uncertainty

Emerging from a global situation that has no playbook, the new normal will see consumer habits that may have changed permanently. To reach the hearts & minds of their audiences, brands will need to show that they have changed with them. We do know one thing is clear: people need inspiration, now more than ever. How can your brand stand apart to stay ahead? Join Pinterest to learn how to harness the power of inspiration to take people from “I dreamed it” to “I did it."

Re-Emerging Through Innovation

Facebook's Paul McCrory talks to Suzana Ristevski, Chief Marketing Officer - Executive General Manager, Marketing National Australia Bank about innovation and how brands can adapt.

Creative in the Context of COVID-19

Creativity in the Time of COVID-19, Facebook’s Rapha Vasconcellos, V.P., Creative Shop and Ainsley TeGrotenhuis, Director of Marketing for Media Partnerships will explore what work during this unprecedented pandemic is resonating to drive business value for brands, content creators and influencers. Further, they’ll talk about the role that disruption and COVID related constraints have played in inspiring new ways for brands and content creators to use the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Learn how the pandemic is reshaping the visuals of our society

Communities around the world are having to rapidly adapt to life amidst a pandemic. Our lives at home have never been more complex and yet there is a commonality to daily life within this shared experience. Terms like “home office,” “video call,” and “online learning” have taken new meaning in the context of today’s world. With those new definitions comes the need for different and unique visuals to represent the current climate. Join Yuri Endo, Getty Images’ Senior Content Editor of...

What’s Next For OTT? The Future of Programmatic Video

OTT is increasingly becoming an important media channel. Video streaming was booming even before the coronavirus pandemic forced nations around the world into lockdown – and where consumers go, advertisers follow. So what do publishers and buyers need to know about this key channel?

Understanding your next generation of customers

Join Snap as their APAC Head of Agency Partnerships discusses the next generation of customers and how important it is for brands to build relationships with the Gen Z audience

Reframing the Reality

How do we come out of the Crisis better than we went in? According to Harvard research, only 9% of businesses thrived after the global financial crisis of 2008. The X factor at the heart of their success was very human two things - the creativity to find new sources of value combined with the capacity to excel at change. Chaos is the only thing that honestly wants you to grow; if you believe a crisis is a terrible thing to waste, this is the session for you.
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