Building emotional engagement to increase performance now & post COVID-19

Suki Thompson, Let's Reset CEO hosts an extended workshop on how to build resilience & emotional engagement Emotionally connecting with your people during and post the coronavirus pandemic, is vital and could be your secret weapon to your current & future company/agency survival and growth. Our work is grounded in science and research that will give you the best strategies to help you manage ever changing circumstances to help you and those around you perform better in the marketing...

How Breaking Down Traditional Hierarchy Can Lead to Success

Ed Mitzen, founder of health & wellness marketing agency Fingerpaint and author of the newly released book “More than a Number: The Power of Empathy and Philanthropy in Driving Ad Agency Performance”, details how too much hierarchy can decrease creativity. As the world, and work life, continues to change, it has become increasingly more important to foster a culture that allows all employees to feel that they have command of the work they’re doing. By eliminating titles and office doors,...

Table Talk: What You Need to Know Now

Amrita Randhawa, CEO of Mindshare Asia Pacific and Executive Chair of Mindshare Greater China, shares her experiences of the last few months, predictions for consumer attitudes through 2020 and how to make the most of the Asian recovery with Benjamin Joe of Facebook. The way we work has changed forever; going back to the way things were won’t be possible. Facebook is supporting businesses, the marketing and advertising community, and society as a whole during this time, to help them...

Why Brands Need to Act More Human

While we have all been working from home, we have been reintroduced to one another in new ways. We’re seeing people we’ve known for years in professional settings in their homes and with their lives on display. We are all being more human, showing off kids and dogs and parents, with technology fails every now and then. This is only a good thing for us. We as marketers need to pay attention because there is no going back. People want to see brands act more human than ever before, too. We...

Can You Hear Me? Communication Goes Virtual

Communications expert and author of 'Can You Hear Me?', Nick Morgan provides a new set of rules and practical tips for how to connect with people when you can’t be physically present - a critical skillset for the long-term shift in working culture even post-COVID. We bring you insights from Morgan's recent book Can You Hear Me? on what really works in a virtual environment. Morgan uses a science-based technique to help explain the best way to connect and communicate in video conferences,...

The Connection Between Disconnected People

Coronavirus destructs society. There is a strong belief that everything must be reinvented – from products, services, office spaces, schools, hospitals and stores. This seminar will welcome Mr, Tetsuo Yukioka, an ER doctor, Mr. Kenryu Nakamura from the Advanced Academic Agency, as well as Mr. Jun Aoki and Mr. Manabu Chiba, architects from the Public Design Laboratory to explore their knowledge and insight. THIS SESSION HAS A LIVE Q&A WITH THE SPEAKERS. PLEASE JOIN THE SPECIAL LIVE CHAT...

Agency of the Future

Exploring how clients needs are changing and how agencies are adapting.

Emerging trends in Design, Business and Technology – Realigning the Fundamentals

Fjord, design and innovation consultancy from Accenture Interactive, produces an annual report about the most important developments we believe will impact design and innovation for business, government and society in the year to come. In this session, we take a look through our annual trends and help organizations better identify and counter challenges in their business and explore ways to take advantage of new emerging opportunities.

The Future of AI

Bessie Lee, CEO of China-based startup incubator and early stage venture fund WithinLink reveals the impact on the martech sector and what she believes the future holds.

State of Emergency: Before, and After. How has user behavior changed?

How has user behavior changed before and after the state of emergency? Criteo Data Driven Marketing with current online purchasing behavior

Workforce of the Future

COVID-19 has driven significant organizational shifts and has challenged leaders to think creatively about how to work together while apart. Join Facebook Vice Presidents Trista Handisides and Judy Toland for an intimate conversation about planning for a digital workforce - including key skills and tools that can help individuals pivoting in their careers, and businesses preparing to operate effectively in the future.

Developing Talents in the “Work From Home” Era with Purpose

How can we develop talents who can grow by themselves and the corporate culture to enable self-development in the period of Work from Home? In most of companies, there are no clear definition of “a strong marketer” or “a great advertising person”. In some organizations, they are deemed as marketers who have remarkable results or people of ideas. These are good to distinguish, but not very useful to train people because these are not about skills. Developing talents on a going basis may...
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