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The dominance of the walled gardens coupled with the move away from cookies and the increasingly fragmented state of today’s media landscape offer clear signs the digital ad industry needs to evolve, and fast. Marketers need ad tech to move beyond the “dumb pipe” era of just gathering and monetizing inventory to offering innovative solutions that deliver a complete view of individuals across their entire consumer journey.

To do so, independent players must replicate all that’s good about the walled garden experiences marketers are flocking to today, but on the open web where consumers are known to spend more of their time. That means delivering people-based marketing solutions to reach consumers with relevant advertising in a fragmented media environment. Industry leaders from across the ecosystem take the stage to discuss what’s in store for the future of digital advertising as the industry shifts more and more to a people-based, tech driven approach that can deliver value for marketers across all places consumers spend time. View Less

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Tim Cadogan CEO OpenX
Erica Schmidt Global CEO Cadreon
Scott Howe President & CEO LiveRamp
Karima Zmerli Ph.D, Chief Data Sciences Officer Wavemaker Global
Martin Swant Forbes Reporter, CMO Network

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