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Issues of transparency and trust continue to surface in programmatic advertising. Blockchain is poised to address discrepancies between stakeholders bidding, winning, and serving impressions in milliseconds. Marketers see the promise of blockchain in terms of the opportunity to quality-control inventory and weed out bad actors. Come hear how blockchain is being deployed by marketers, and could herald a digital disruption at the impression level, as well as better visibility on how each marketing dollar is spent.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn how to take advantage of blockchain now
  2. Hear from an industry pioneer and major tech company innovating on blockchain
  3. See how blockchain can help solve our transparency and supply chain issues

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Erich Wasserman Co-Founder & Head of Strategic Business Development MediaMath
Chad Andrews Global Solutions Leader for Advertising and Blockchain IBM
Isaac Lidsky Founder/CEO Underscore CLT

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