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What's happening, what's next, and how will the world survive?

There’s no doubt about the prevalence and danger of fake news. It has the power to influence opinions, mislead audiences, and damage trust in media.

The impact goes beyond news publishers and audiences—even brands are not immune from this menace. Many are victims of changed narratives or the subjects of hoaxes—resulting in damaged reputations and decreased revenue.

But, not all hope is lost. Join leading industry news experts as they address the current situation, what they foresee is next, and how we all can rise above the challenge of fake news

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Noah Mallin Leading Experience, Content, Sponsorships Wavemaker North America
Jesse Angelo Publisher and CEO of The New York Post and Chief of Digital Advertising Solutions at News Corp New York Post & News Corp
John Avlon Senior Political Analyst CNN
Sharb Farjami CEO Storyful
Mick McCabe Global Chief Strategy Officer Publicis Worldwide

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