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Collaboration has long been a marketing buzzword – used to imply cultural credibility but in reality, often just denoting marriages of creative convenience. Content or experiences that neither feel like an ad, nor something good enough for real people to actually seek out and experience beyond a YouTube pre-roll.

But with consumers now infinitely more spoilt for content – not to mention empowered to tune out of anything that lacks relevance – isn’t it time that we re-interrogate this buzzword? That we ask whether we're using the power of togetherness to generate things of genuine creative value – for clients, consumers and broader culture?

The Brooklyn Brothers is built not just on the spirit of collaboration, but on a sense of shared creative responsibility and it’s this that we use to identify and power our most successful partnerships. With pioneering technologists. Mad scientist music producers. Award-winning documentary makers. Through these projects we’ve learnt what works and most importantly what doesn’t. In this session we’ll join with a selection of our power collaborators and share our secrets for breathing new life into any project, brand or business.

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  1. How businesses can build creative collaboration at the centre of their relationships – not just one-off projects.
  2. The best-practice behaviours that power great creative collaborations.
  3. Simple tips for identifying partners and playing to complementary strengths.


George Bryant Founding Partner & Global ECD The Brooklyn Brothers
Gary Reich Founder & Managing Director Neon Unicorn
Ben Sumner Founder & Managing Director Feel For Music
Helena Flynn Head of International Comms Jaguar Land Rover
Maisie McCabe Deputy Editor Campaign

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