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Gaming remains one of the most active verticals on social media but many brands still struggle to assimilate with gaming communities. Campaigns targeting gamers are often ignored or mocked for their inauthenticity, outdated cultural references and misjudged tone of voice. So how do can brands be a part of the gaming conversation on social media?
Exclusively launched at AW Europe, Gamebyte are launching their research, a first-hand account of how brands can connect with gamers, written by those who lead their communities.

Tom Sweeney has led some of the worlds biggest communities including GameByte - the worlds largest social-first gaming media publisher with over 6 million followers.

For the first time, Tom will be releasing research into the minds of ‘gamers’ in 2019. His research will dispel marketing myths about ‘gamers’ and give brands critical insight into gaming culture, their attitudes and beliefs, their lives outside of gaming and how they behave on social.
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  1. An insight into the mind of a gamer in 2019
  2. How do gamers act on social
  3. How can brands better connect with gamers through social media marketing


Tom Sweeney Director of Gaming Media Chain
Roxanne Parker Strategic Relationships Manager Tubular Labs

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