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Viewing of broadcast television has fallen consistently since 2012, the profile of its viewers is getting older whilst there are now more subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV than there are to ‘traditional’ pay-TV services. Social media platforms like YouTube are taking up an increasing amount of young people’s viewing time, whilst platforms like Instagram and Facebook occupy an increasing amount of their downtime. What does this mean for the future of TV and the ads that live on it?

There’s no doubt that broadcast television has its place but what's being done to evolve and leverage technology to have smarter advertising opportunities that transcend the big screen. In this panel led by Dylan Davenport, the participants will discuss the future of TV advertising, how brands should be engaging with it, how it can and should evolve and what creative agencies need to be doing to drive innovation in the space.


Chris Williams CEO Publicis Media Exchange UK
Dylan Davenport Managing Director Jungle Creations
Lucy Bristowe Head of Insights and Research Sky
Mark Trinder Sales Director, Commercial and Online ITV

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Event Type Seminar