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Sustainability, once thought of as a CSR function, has evolved into a critical business driver integrated across enterprises. Today’s business leaders understand that it is no longer enough to simply reduce their negative environmental impact; consumers, B2B customers and employees now expect companies to bring their know-how and scale to some of society’s biggest challenges.

In this session, corporate leaders talk about the journeys their companies have taken to elevate the value of sustainable business.

DSM is a global leader in nutrition, food ingredients, engineering plastics, resins, renewable energy, biomedical materials and fibers and is headquartered in the Netherlands. Globally, DSM employs more than 20,000, including 4,000 in North America and annual sales of $3 billion. N.A. President, Hugh Welsh will be on hand to share his company’s vision to increase business value with more sustainable business practices. He will also be joined by an additional sustainability expert from another brand.

Globally recognized sustainability expert, Heather Clancy, editorial director of Greenbiz and Jeremy Cohen, Managing Director of Salterbaxter (an MSL Company), one of the top communications consultancies in the sustainability space, join them on the panel. Together, the leaders explore the connection between company values and untapped business opportunities, and address where companies and brands should go from here.
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Anne-Claire Berg Culture & Engagement Director Danone
Heather Clancy Editorial Director GreenBiz Group
Jeremy Cohen Managing Director Salterbaxter (an MSL Company)
Hugh Welsh General Counsel, Secretary & President DSM North America
Lisa Manley MARS, Inc. Sustainability Strategy, Communications & Engagement

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