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As a marketer, you have your data housed in many different silos – locations as well as multiple formats. From campaign performance data, site analytics, CRM, and loyalty programs you capture a huge volume of insights into customers and prospects.

But how much of that data is really actionable?

Brands need to be able to connect location with online and offline data to power and maximize the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing. This session will dive into how and why every organization should undergo an organizational shift to leverage their wealth of institutional data and how combining these various data sources can affect measurement and attribution. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to build a strong digital culture
  2. How to protect the data of both your brand and your customer
  3. Identifying the right measurement and attribution model for your organization

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Tracie Kambies US Retail & Consumer Products Alliance Leader Global & US Analytics Alliance Leader Deloitte
Todd Paris Managing Director-Advertising and Publisher SME Deloitte Digital
Stephen Yap Director, Americas Media Platforms Google
Marissa Freeman Chief Brand Officer Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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