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Today’s C-suite executives are leading change and managing a constant state of evolution/transformation within their organizations.

However, the structure, shape and focus of the C-suite is rapidly morphing and constantly changing, much driven by two key factors: technology and geo-political issues.

Empowering leaders across the C-suite to maximize their impact and confront strategic obstacles is imperative and must be addressed proactively.

The challenge for these leaders is determining how best to coordinate, consolidate, and align business strategy to all aspects of execution.

Enter “Big M.” We believe that everyone in the C-suite and other leadership positions is a significant stakeholder of their organization’s marketing processes. We call this “big M” Marketing, which ranges from the highest levels of business strategy to all aspects of execution. “Big M” and its IMPACT are NOT just relevant to the CMO.

“Big M” is the discipline of proactively empowering C-suite leaders to break down organizational silos and uncover insights on how together, they can maximize IMPACT as stakeholders on the overall marketing process.

Our session will focus on “Big M’s” impact as it relates to a recent Forrester Research report that identified 5 key areas of concern for the C-suite in 2019 and beyond.

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  1. • Mobile: How are we working collectively on mapping the journey to meaningful mobile and brand engagement. We need to get mobile right first and foremost
  2. • Data: Connect data across channels. What does all the data mean? How are we sharing data collectively across the organization to achieve desired goals?
  3. • AI: Take a human (and pragmatic) approach to AI. How will customer engagement evolve? How are executives sharing insights across the organization on the AI wave?
  4. • IoT: Think outside the IoT toolbox-How are brand/tech functions working to deliver results outside of the IoT toolbox?
  5. • Data privacy: GDPR and beyond-How are we dealing with the mountain of privacy issues and concerns across organizational functions as we deliver trusted and relevant engagement to our customers and clients?

Presented with


Alicia Wiedemann CMO/CXO DRUM
Bruce Biegel Senior Managing Director Winterberry Group LLC
Lou Mastria Executive Director Digital Advertising Alliance
John Greco Chairman & CEO The Marketing IMPACT Council
Michael Bordash Distinguished Engineer, AI Incubator & Chief Platform Engineer IBM
Julie Lyle CMO, Investor, Board Member, Advisor DemandJump, Yext, Inc., DigitalBits
Laura Schuntermann Global Head of Digital Strategy and Partnerships Cigna

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