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Brands have a responsibility to be inclusive in not only their marketing but also in their design elements. We all know it’s much easier to target a general demographic with a broader reach, but successful brands design for today’s consumer and are mindful of diversity and inclusion. They recognize that the modern definition of diversity and inclusion means much more than just race or gender; it encompasses age, sexual orientation, mothers, those with disabilities, and so much

“Diversity may be a more popular buzzword in discussions about design education, conferences and icons, but without inclusive gestures by hiring managers and businesses, senior designers and agencies, educators and other role models, individuals from underrepresented groups entering and remaining in design will remain firmly in the minority.” – Antionette Carroll View Less

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  1. How do advertisers, brand marketers, product developers and creatives of all kinds embrace diversity in design and make an impact in this world and people’s lives?
  2. How can we be empathetic to diverse backgrounds – and be authentic about it?
  3. How do we recruit designers with more diverse backgrounds that represent a deeper human truth?
  4. What does diversity in design means?

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I-Hsien Sherwood Associate Creativity Editor Ad Age
William Brown Master Designer for Innovation and Product Development Hallmark Cards Inc.
Wesley Crosby Principal – Interior Design Director POPULOUS
Suba Nadarajah Director of Design VML

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