William Brown

William (Will) Brown, was born in Seoul, South Korea. He started early on his path to a creative career by attending the University of Michigan’s art program for the young and gifted when he was 6 years old where he learned about the foundations of art and developed his drawing and painting skills with art professors. He’s been drawing and designing ever since. Upon graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Will accepted an art director position at King, Chambers and Ellis (Atlanta). He spent time at Sarrett Creative (Atlanta), Hallmark (Kansas City), Target (Minneapolis) and today, he is back at Hallmark as a Master Designer. Will is a board member of the Mid-American Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce where he helps locally owned LGBTQ and Ally businesses create, identify and expand business opportunities through a more inclusive and vibrant economy in the Midwest region. Will also runs a side business of Interior Decorating and Design Style Consultation for clients who