The Timeless Power of Co-Creation

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Balancing the (Work-Life) Force: How to Streamline Video Production Without Sacrificing Scale

Is your brand making one-way ads rather than inspiring and entertaining audiences? Enter co-creation: a powerful tool to help your brand unleash its full potential. Join the head of TikTok's Global Creative Lab, Kinney Edwards, and advertising legend Gerry Graf, one of the creative minds behind the original "Berries & Cream" Starburst ad, as they deconstruct how the TikTok community resurfaced a 14-year-old ad and turned it into one of the hottest trends of 2021.
Kinney Edwards Global Head of Creative Lab
Gerry Graf Co-Founder
Knickerbocker Slapglobal
Michael Italia Head of Social Media & Digital Content Studio
Mars Wrigley
Scott Vitrone Partner and Chief Creative Officer

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