The Advertising Club of New York Inspiration: David Kennedy

The legendary David Kennedy, founder of Wieden & Kennedy, recently passed away. In tribute, we show this film from The Advertising Club of New York where David talks about his inspiration. Thank you to the Advertising Club of New York for this beautiful tribute to the life, mind and creativity of one of the industry's icons.

Meet The TrustMakers

What does it to take to build trust? Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman, launches TrustMakers, the firm’s new bimonthly podcast featuring conversations with leaders focused on earning trust for brands, companies and their stakeholders. The inaugural episode will be recorded live at Advertising Week and feature a conversation with Antonio Lucio, former Global CMO of some of the world’s most recognizable brands including Visa, HP and Facebook. Lucio, an experienced and successful global CMO and...

What Matters: The Evolution of Social Shopping and Commerce

How Discovery Commerce is reshaping the shopping industry will explore how with Covid still lingering in some areas, businesses should consider how eCommerce experiences can more deeply create the same connections people get from in-person shopping experiences and also expand consumer audience using creators.

Space: The New Frontier of Advertising

The race to space is dominating the news – from billionaire joyrides to primetime reality shows. But one mission stands far apart from the rest: Inspiration4, the first all-civilian mission to outer space, which blasted off in September for three days high above the International Space Station and raised more than 200 Million dollars for St. Jude. With so many eyes in the sky, a marketer can’t ignore the opportunity to apply their learnings from earth to space.

Lessons in Leadership: Interview with Magnite's Heather Carver

How is leadership changing as the world of business and society changes around us? Hear from Heather Carver, Senior Vice President of Accounts at Magnite as she is interviewed by Nicole Lapin.

Building Bridges: Creating Lasting Connections With Consumers

Join this panel of experts as they explore the ways that brands create more personal connections with their customers, built on originality, authenticity and trust.

The Creative Carousel

Creative innovators will each have a turn on the carousel during this all-star panel. Listen as these experts share their insights into the creative universe and creative mindset. Each panelist will share secrets of finding creative success, and how to build great campaigns. Listen to personal inspirations, creative admirations, and what they hope is in store for the future of advertising.

Al Roker - How Hero Content is Transforming Brand Storytelling

Heroes touch our hearts, fill us with admiration, and make us reconsider our view of the world. Now more than ever, we all need heroes to get us through these times. Join Al Roker and his guests as they discuss how "hero" storytelling attracts audiences, turns fans into customers, improves brand engagement, and communicates social goodwill.

Welcome To The New Creator Economy

Advertising Week's Global CEO Matt Scheckner and UTA Marketing's Co-Heads David Anderson and Julian Jacobs provide an overview of the day's programming.

Digital Doppelgangers – How A New Breed of Avatars is Reinventing Self-Expression

Avatars are evolving from flat images stuck in singular platforms, to customizable 3D characters that mirror our emotions and travel across the metaverse. These innovations are ushering in an age where we can socialize in digital third places as our truest selves and make meaningful connections beyond the physical limitations of our bodies. The implications will be profound, redefining how we shop, socialize and play. Learn from our panel of NFT thought leaders as we explore the second self...
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