The Future Of Mobile Video Is Now: Pioneering Vertical Mobile-first Storytelling

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Balancing the (Work-Life) Force: How to Streamline Video Production Without Sacrificing Scale

Your phone is the new TV. Snapchat has been a leader in mobile-first experiences for the Gen Z and Millennial audience, pioneering the first vertical video content platform designed exclusively for mobile. Sean Mills, Snap’s head of original content, along with top-tier partners from Snap’s original shows, will lead a compelling discussion about what it’s like to create made-for-mobile premium content and where the future of mobile storytelling is headed in 2020.
Sean Mills @millsean Head of Original Content
Peter Hamby @peterhamby Host
Snapchat's Good Luck America
Pete Wentz Fall Out Boy Musician, Producer & Music Supervisor Snapchat’s
Everything’s Fine
Hannah Lehmann @hannahlehmann Creator, Writer, Director
Snapchat's Two Sides
MK Asante Author, Professor, Co-EP and Host
Snapchat's While Black

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