Climbing Ladders In Heels and Other Female Leadership Clichés

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For a long time, women had to borrow male leadership models if they wanted to be seen as serious and trustworthy professionals. In fact, the first cracks in the "glass ceiling" were made by women in grey suits and tons of assertiveness. After them, many other women thought that this was the only possible way to climb their way up. Even Sheryl Sandberg in her “Lean In” urges us to behave like our worst male colleagues. But is this really the only possible way to be a credible and effective leader? In this talk, Alessandra Montrasio, Global Brand Director of Nestle Waters, will share her personal story and examine leadership styles and role models: from Jacinda Ardern to Bozoma Saint John, exploring our post-pandemic world and Millennials and Generation Z’s cultural influence, to find the answer to the question: what will leadership look like in the future?
Alessandra Montrasio Global Brand Director
Nestle Waters

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