Interview With Anna Chapman, Strategist, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand

We'll hear about the value of a non-linear career, touching on the subjects of older women in advertising, ageism and radical allyship at work.

Delving Into DEI With Dionne Maxwell, Jungle Creations

Dionne Maxwell of Jungle Creations joins us on the Amazon Ads Studio to unpick the issues in the earlier debate with our host Riyadh Khalaf. What should we learn from this? What got missed? How can we keep learning? Join them both here to delve into the big issues around DEI.

Interview: Jane Evans, Uninvisibility Project and Visible Start

Jane Evans. Creative Director. Author. Activist. Jane started the Uninvisibility movement to change the societal narrative that renders midlife women invisible. Jane is a great believer that words are useless without action and has recently launched Visible Start, an initiative in partnership with the Brixton Finishing School and WPP where midlife women are trained in digital marketing with real jobs and career opportunities at the end. She will join the Amazon Ads Studio to give a...

Creative Capital In Art With Artsy CMO Everette Taylor

The business of art has largely been conducted in the same way for hundreds of years and has lacked transparency, inclusivity and general information about artists and access to their works. As a result, many aspiring art collectors, enthusiasts and emerging artists find themselves shut out of the market due to this friction. Artsy has come to disrupt this industry. Join Artsy CMO Everette Taylor in conversation with Advertising Week president Ruth Mortimer as they tackle the issues of...

Climbing Ladders In Heels and Other Female Leadership Clichés

For a long time, women had to borrow male leadership models if they wanted to be seen as serious and trustworthy professionals. In fact, the first cracks in the "glass ceiling" were made by women in grey suits and tons of assertiveness. After them, many other women thought that this was the only possible way to climb their way up. Even Sheryl Sandberg in her “Lean In” urges us to behave like our worst male colleagues. But is this really the only possible way to be a credible and effective...

Seen, Skipped or Stereotyped: Defining the Details That Talk To DE&I In Imagery

Visuals impact the way we see ourselves—and the world around us. When inclusiveness and diversity are considered in imagery, authentic representation is created that can change perceptions, shift mindsets, and help create lasting connections between brands and consumers. This interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to effect change in your visual communications to be inclusive and representative of the world around you.

Data & Belonging: Actions For Change

What does belonging mean to you? And who experiences that feeling in your organisation? Learn more about the key inclusion trends and leave with tangible actions to bring positive change to your business.

Fair NDAs: Why It's Time To Stop the 'Silence' On Bullying and Harassment

After months of a cross-industry initiative sparked by Zoe Scaman's 'Mad Men and Furious Women' article, we bring you best-practice guidance developed by legal experts to stop the systematic silencing of victims of harassment, inappropriate behaviour or abuse and to encourage an inclusive culture of transparency. Endorsed by #TimeTo, this is a defining moment for the industry.

Are Brands Getting It Right For Women?

How are brands thinking about appealing to women and diverse groups? We bring together women from brands and ask them - how do you get it right? We have moved well beyond where everything was pink, but which brands are doing really interesting work? What about the emerging trend of gender neutrality? Our panel fills you in.

Things I Wish I Knew

Tired of hearing the same advice? These leading women, who are all Advertising Week Future is Female winners and nominees, will give it to you straight. They'll be sharing their real life experiences, including moments of failure, frustration, and the satisfaction of breaking through the odds. Hear their hard-hitting advice, the things they learned along the way, and what they wish they had known all along.

The Narrative: Sport For Good

We are living in an age where big business can no longer operate without giving back to society. Be that through their green initiative or through the ways they strive for equality and diversity. Leaving a legacy that lives beyond a bottom line is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity. Playing a role in changing the shape of our countries social fabric is something that all brands need to come to the table on. And improving the lives of our young people is centric to that. Young...
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