Microsoft Advertising’s the Noodle: Creating Equitable Growth

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In response to the changes brought on by this past year, businesses and marketers have shifted from digital transformation to digital acceleration. They’ve overhauled their strategies to find growth as consumers strapped in and started the long rollercoaster ride of shifting behaviors with ups and downs along the way. Many people and small businesses alike have struggled to adapt, and companies have found purpose in helping communities disadvantaged by the pandemic. Join Theo Theodorou, Director, Microsoft Advertising as he shares insights on the inequality created by the pandemic and where marketers can lean in with purpose to create more equitable experiences. Theo will lead a panel to discuss how empathy drives authenticity and companies that are thinking about social justice, inequality and being true to their values create growth opportunities through purpose that builds trust, love and loyalty. Watch episodes of The Download: Marketing with Purpose Course:
Jerry Daykin Senior Media Director
GSK Consumer Healthcare
Jonathan Mew CEO
Mohanna Azarmandi Chief Learning Officer
Theo Theodorou Sales Director
Microsoft Advertising

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