Microsoft Advertising’s the Noodle: Creating Equitable Growth

In response to the changes brought on by this past year, businesses and marketers have shifted from digital transformation to digital acceleration. They’ve overhauled their strategies to find growth as consumers strapped in and started the long rollercoaster ride of shifting behaviors with ups and downs along the way. Many people and small businesses alike have struggled to adapt, and companies have found purpose in helping communities disadvantaged by the pandemic. Join Theo Theodorou,...

Culture as a Growth Driver

Triller is an AI powered short-form content platform at the pulse of global culture. With over 100 million monthly users and growing, Triller brings artists, influencers and brands together to embrace their individuality, diversity and creativity. Learn more about how to grow on Triller with Bonin Bough, Triller’s Chief Growth Officer

The Future of Small Businesses

The last few months have been difficult for SMBs that play a critical role in our communities and economy. As the world re-emerges from COVID-19 restrictions, we want to support entrepreneurship and help small businesses get safely back to business. We’ll dive into the story of entrepreneur, Benji Valentina to hear how Covid-19 has impacted her business and the resilience she has to keep moving forward.
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