The Intersection of Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

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The Future of Museums: Can NFTs, MOOC's, and XR Save Our Cultural Institutions?

A visionary digital prophet and award-winning celebrated creative, a leading AI innovator and a Microsoft AI and machine learning expert. You won't find this line-up anywhere else, so we’re mixing up the traditional debate format giving way to a gameshow-style lesson featuring leaders armed with buzzers, interrupter cards and million dollar questions. Don't miss what will be an animated and provocative fired-up discussion answering the most significant questions around creativity and AI within the future of advertising featuring Microsoft, Verizon Media, IBM, Bing and Wunderman.
Jason Miller Head of Brand
David Shing Digital Prophet
Verizon Media
Daniel Bonner Global Chief Creative Officer
Debbie Vavangas iX Leader UK & Ireland
Milka Kramer Sales Director, UK

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