Global Keynote Series: Ten Techtonic Trends

From the impact of augmented reality and voice technology on user behavior to the reasons data-driven creative is key to solving the escalating need for content, this is a practical view into the roadmap of the world’s largest and most awarded creative production partner. Hear what trends are happening now, near and the future trends that will be next.

Voice - Can You Hear Me Now?

Artificial Intelligence platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are placing voice in the driver's seat. These are voice-first operating systems that are providing brands with the opportunities to engage and communicate directly to their consumers. Voice experts from Essence, IAB, Rabbit & Pork and VaynerMedia discuss the current offerings of voice and what the future holds for marketers and personalised communication.

Alexa or Alex? Our subconscious response to the gender of voice assistants

An interactive session exploring how the gender of a voice assistant can shape our subconscious responses, based on recent neuroscience research carried out in partnership between Mindshare & Neuro Insight. Jeremy Pounder (Mindshare) and Heather Andrew (Neuro-Insight) will lead a lively discussion involving a live brain measurements.

Flexing Your Voice

As the importance of voice moves rapidly up the marketing agenda, brands are working quickly to find their voice. How do they sound and how do they ensure that in a voice-controlled future they aren’t mute? But with such a focus on consistency of brand sound, what is the un-tapped opportunity for brands to tailor their voice to speak to different audiences? Neuroscientist Dr Sophie Scott and impressionist Duncan Wisbey join the IAB on stage for an interactive exploration of how brands can...

Creating Voice Experiences That Matter

Voice-first platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant present marketers with a powerful new opportunity to engage customers at scale. Yet, in these early days, many brands seem stuck on novelty experiences that users may try once but rarely return. In this conversation, leading marketers will discuss how they are grappling with this challenge, designing to provide value and encourage the sort of sustained engagement that can unlock the potential of these new - and constantly...

The Future of Intelligent Search

Image and voice search are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. From traditional to voice to visual search technologies, it is clear that search behaviour are expanding and evolving. This panel will discuss the current capabilities of search and the best methods to understand and measure your customer search behaviour.
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