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Looking for the human tale of big data: small, street and deep

Big Data is overwhelming and we need to keep the human side for marketing, branding and communication strategies. Let’s check 3 different alternatives to include the human side in our strategic planning in addition of data science.

Privacy and Digital Marketing: Five Predictions for 2020

With consumer privacy concerns rising and regulation on the horizon, companies cannot afford marketing missteps or mishaps when it comes to serving their customers. Join eMarketer principal analyst Lauren Fisher as she shares her predictions for how privacy will alter the digital advertising landscape in 2020.

From Zero to Invested

Finimize is a fin-tech startup that empowers young professionals who have savings but don’t know where to invest. What started as a financial newsletter to address the “information asymmetry” that has sustained the financial advice industry for decades, has since grown into a movement of more than 400,000 highly mobilised finance devotees. Nikolaus covers how the combination of a world-class content team (former Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Bloomberg) and community has laid the foundation for a...

Using Artificial Intelligence To Discover Undiagnosed Patients

Discover how we apply Artificial Intelligence techniques to find those patients who are suffering in silence now and will be afflicted in the future.

In Search of the Humble Brand

Marketers are beginning to realize that humility isn't a weakness, in many cases it's a strength. How can brands deliver on today's objectives while deepening their client relationships through humble actions? Steve Nottingham, SVP of Strategic Brand Solutions at WSJ Barron's Group would like to share the Journal's thoughts on what it means to serve with humility.

A Marketer’s Guide to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The CCPA gives California consumers new rights over their data, but it's causing challenges for marketers. How should marketers prepare for rights to request, delete and opt-out of the sale of personal information? How can marketers comply with privacy laws while remaining customer-centric and maximizing opt-in? In this session, we’ll share what marketers need to know about the CCPA, provide a guide to demonstrating ongoing compliance and share best practices for creating an effective and...

Ask Me Anything: Not Your Typical Data Discussion

The convergence of TV and digital represents a monumental shift in the advertising ecosystem. At the center of this convergence is how advertisers identify, measure and understand households and consumers across the full array of addressable digital channels, including linear television, connected TV, digital and social.

Your Turn: How To Make Work Work for You

Hear a brief presentation by Jennifer Gefsky, co-author of YOUR TURN: Careers, Kids, and Comebacks - a Working Mother's Guide, followed by a panel discussion on how to make work work for you... Whether that means taking time off for parenting, getting back into the workplace, looking for balance, or having ambition to prioritize your career. Or anything in between! Hear honest tips and tricks from moms who are making it work for them, and how you can too.

Betting on a Winner

Fan experiences are reaching new highs (and some lows). From increased legalization of betting, to new platforms to watch, to sponsored activations. Experts talk the trends in sport engagement and the implications for the future.

The Rise of Soloism and Birth of the Aloneness Economy

Today’s society is more connected than ever before, yet, despite the growth of our online presence, 1-in-3 people describe themselves as being “socially isolated.” But being socially isolated or alone is no longer a negative thing. In the past five years, we’ve seen a 40% increase in solo travel, a rise in remote working to nearly 50% and record numbers of single-person households globally. The data proves that the popularity of solo living is on the rise, yet marketers have yet to take hold...

Listen Up!

Join Questlove and iHeartMedia CMO Gayle Troberman as they discuss audio, pop culture, podcasts and how to make an impact in marketing.

Digital Meets the Real World

GenZ wants to take their nose out of their phones, and experience, change and embrace the world around them. Understanding this, what’s the best approach? Hear from the client, agency and OOH perspective on how to reach this demographic of real people, craving the real world.
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