The Move Toward User Privacy & The Growing Responsibility of Consumer Education

Join Mike Shields, Next in Marketing podcast Host and former Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, AdWeek and Digiday Editor and Brian Quinn, AppsFlyer’s US President and General Manager for a fireside chat that dives into the ecosystem’s pivotal privacy updates, including Apple’s IDFA opt-out and the impact of iOS 14 to measurement and attribution. This conversation will also touch on the growing responsibility of brands and advertisers to educate consumers, so that they are able to balance...

Creativity in a Time of Crisis

The most successful brands are those that adapt their communications through a brand purpose lens, especially during times of duress. In this session led by Droga5, leaders from JPMorgan Chase and Facebook will share how they used real-time responsive thinking to help their brands navigate through the uncharted territory of COVID-19.

Adjust + Reddit: Adopting a Mobile-First Approach to Boost Brand Loyalty

As the mobile advertising industry hits an inflection point, it’s more important than ever to boost brand loyalty. In this session, global app marketing platform Adjust, together with Reddit, will host a lively discussion on mobile-first strategies — fueled by data rich mobile attribution. Take a deep dive into the role data-driven decisions play in igniting brand awareness, propelling growth, and increasing loyalty and engagement.

Fresh for Everyone: Kroger’s Recipe for Brands to Win the Digital Aisle

“Is 2020 over yet?” 2020 was a disruption like we haven’t seen in a generation. Routine tasks - like weekday lunches or getting dinner on the table – have suddenly become more complicated and CPG brands have pivoted to help consumers solve everyday problems. Consumers are cooking more often, trying new recipes, making fewer/bigger trips to the grocery store, looking for value, and engaging ecommerce platforms at a higher rate than ever. Successful brands know the impact of ecommerce...

The Conversation: Today & Tomorrow in Ten Tweets

The opportunity we have right now to challenge the status quo and build a better future doesn't come around often. When history is written, how do you want your brand to be remembered? In this session, we will present an analysis of Twitter conversation data that uncovers several behaviors & need states that have accelerated or emerged during lockdown, and ask brands what they will do with this opportunity.

Understanding the Value of Public Conversation on Twitter

More than any other social platform, people come to Twitter to start, read and join conversations about what's happening - and these conversations can have different shapes with millions of participants. This MasterClass will explore the importance of conversation for brands on Twitter that can help brands better understand the holistic impact of brand conversation on Twitter.

How Brands Can Enter the Esports Arena

ESL is one of the world’s largest esports company – with 500 million fans and viewing figures to rival the Super Bowl. With a fan base projected to grow to two billion tech-savvy gamers globally, ESL's and esports’ key demographic has become the envy of marketers globally, offering non-endemic brands an opportunity to reach new and increasingly engaged audiences and maximise their investment. Join ESL and Superunion, as they discuss the explosion of the gaming phenomenon and how brands...

How Agencies Can Help Their Clients Avoid Fake Allyship

Before this summer, our industry thought they were following the diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices. They checked the boxes. They thought they were doing enough. It turns out, their efforts barely scratched the surface. This revelation has left brands stunned, but the public less so. To move forward, brands need to make the substantial commitment to become allies -- to their team members and to their consumers.

Attracting Ad Budgets: How TikTok & Integer Group Win High Profile Clients

Now more than ever, the sell-side of the advertising ecosystem is having to prospect smarter to break through to major brand budgets. How do you know which brands have dollars to spend? How can you cut through the clutter to break through to ad buying decision-makers with the purchasing power to spend with you?

How To Use Social To Build Your Brand During a Pandemic

The Kroger Co., one of the world’s largest retailers and agency partner 360i will share strategies for using Social platforms to tell your brand story during a pandemic. From using social listening to pivoting content strategy to using creative thinking to meet customer needs, this session will delve into key strategies for learning, pivoting, and adapting your approach to Social during these fast-changing times.

How to Build a Successful Challenger Brand

Tom Broughton, founder of the modern spectacle maker Cubitts, tells you what he's learnt in his six years of growing a challenger brand. A business born around Broughton's kitchen table in King's Cross, the brand has gone from DTC start up to bricks and mortar success story, with ten UK stores and a global audience that has led to pop ups in Tokyo and New York. This five-point instructional workshop will cover the lessons learned, and how you can apply them to your own business.

Unleashing the Challenger Mentality

The threat DTC brands pose to legacy brands has been a hot topic of conversation for quite some time now. However, whilst dealing with disruption is high on everyone’s agenda, few multinationals are succeeding at seeing off the threat from newcomers because they falsely believe challengers can only be start-ups and can’t see the benefits that ‘being more challenger’ can bring. These brands need a roadmap to understanding a challenger mindset, which is what this session will provide.
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