Doug Alexander

Upon the sale of Channel Intelligence to Google in early 2013 where he was CEO, Doug became Executive Chairman of myList which was spun out prior to the sale. myList enhances organic Facebook user engagement for brands. With myList, companies can leverage a platform delivering Facebook-native content about their products in a socially acceptable way boosting consumer engagement. Doug is also President of ICG a publicly traded SAAS software company where he has had many roles including CEO of WiseWire Technologies, which was acquired by Lycos; Chairman of Verticalnet through its IPO; CEO of ICG Europe; and CEO of, which was later acquired by Navteq. In addition to these roles, Doug's primary focus at ICG has been to sponsor and oversee several ICG companies that have included Blackboard (Nasdaq: BBBB), Arbinet-thexchange (Nasdaq: ARBX), WiseWire (acquired by Lycos), LinkShare (acquired by Rakuten), Creditex (acquired by IntercontinentalExchange (NYSE: ICE)), StarCite (Acquired by Active (Nasdaq: ACTV)), (acquired by Navteq), ClickEquations (acquired by Channel Intelligence), and Investor Force (acquired by MSCI (NYSE: MSCI)). Additionally, Doug serves as the co-Chairman of NFTE Philadelphia, is a member of the President's Advisory Board for Eisenhower Fellows, a member of the Wharton Future of Advertising Global Advisory Board and is Chairman of the Management & Technology Executive Board at the University of Pennsylvania.