Marc Gallucci

As Co-Founder and CEO of Relevant24, Marc Gallucci has created the next discipline in marketing. His company makes brands relevant every day. He created a business process that turns real-time consumer insights into relevant branded content and distributes it through paid and social channels. Marc calls this new discipline Relevant Content Marketing and his company has been practicing it for Fortune 500 companies (KIA motors, Doritos, Enterprise, FOX Television) for the past three years. The Relevant24 business process is a highly efficient system for insight gathering, idea generation, content production and inter-departmental approvals. It is born from Marcs’ 23 years experience in advertising; publishing, public relations and multi-media content production. After building and selling two privately held companies Marc has acquired the entrepreneurial clarity to solely focus on Relevant Content Marketing, giving him the flexibility to work directly with brands, publishers, software companies and agencies.