The Narrative: Sport For Good

We are living in an age where big business can no longer operate without giving back to society. Be that through their green initiative or through the ways they strive for equality and diversity. Leaving a legacy that lives beyond a bottom line is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity. Playing a role in changing the shape of our countries social fabric is something that all brands need to come to the table on. And improving the lives of our young people is centric to that. Young...

The Shifting Sports & Media Dynamic - How Advertisers Can Play to Win

The pandemic has upended nearly every industry, changing the way we behave and interact with brands. Sports and digital content are among those seeing the most drastic changes and there lies a tremendous opportunity for advertisers. Enter immersive content and connection, empowering consumers to connect with the people, teams and brands they love. Join Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan and two-time NFL Super Bowl champ Eli Manning for a discussion on the shift in sports, media and the...

How Brands Can Enter the Esports Arena

ESL is one of the world’s largest esports company – with 500 million fans and viewing figures to rival the Super Bowl. With a fan base projected to grow to two billion tech-savvy gamers globally, ESL's and esports’ key demographic has become the envy of marketers globally, offering non-endemic brands an opportunity to reach new and increasingly engaged audiences and maximise their investment. Join ESL and Superunion, as they discuss the explosion of the gaming phenomenon and how brands...

Apolo Ohno Deep Dive

A Deep Dive live Q&A with Apolo Ohno and Founder of Therabody, Dr. Jason Wersland following their session about reinvention.

Reinvention with Apolo Ohno

Reinvention is a skill that can be used throughout each of our lives. Just ask Apolo Ohno. Join Dr. Jason Wersland, founder of Therabody and inventor of Theragun, for a conversation with Ohno, the country’s most decorated winter Olympian, a best-selling author and entrepreneur. Ohno discusses his reinvention from sport to business, how the skills he learned in his 15-year speedskating career help him across industries and the key to a gold-medal mindset.

Michael Phelps in conversation with Lauren Sallata

A candid conversation about mental health with Olympic legend, Michael Phelps and Panasonic Corporation of North America CMO, Lauren Sallata.

Front Row Seat: How Professional Sports Marketing Has Transformed

What happens when an MVP moves on? When ardent fans feel you’ve lost touch with the city you call home? Or when home is a new address? Traditionally, professional sports franchises focus marketing budget on ticket sales. But when talent can be quickly traded or win/loss records fluctuate wildly, there’s value in building a brand that transcends the transactional. Marketing leaders at the Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Islanders discuss moving past a pure sales focus and...

The Roar of the Crowd - Connecting to Sports on Twitter

Live sports are back, and fans are more excited than ever. Lockdown has given us a glimpse into the future of sports, as leagues and broadcasters reimagine their products as digital experiences. The passion and energy of the stadium is now surging online, and fans are turning to Twitter to be part of the action in real-time. Hear from The NFL about how lockdown has impacted their business, and from official partner Anheuser-Busch, who is doubling down on Twitter to drive engagement with...

FOX Sports Content Studio: Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life for Brands

Live sports content has never been more in demand. In an evolving media world of platform expansion and shifting viewer patterns, premium sports continues to deliver massive live audiences and offer opportunities for advertisers and brands to engage with fans across multiple experiences. FOX Sports Content Studio is a one-stop resource that works with marketers and advertisers to translate their business objectives and insights to develop and execute breakthrough creative ideas that drive...

Betting on a Winner

Fan experiences are reaching new highs (and some lows). From increased legalization of betting, to new platforms to watch, to sponsored activations. Experts talk the trends in sport engagement and the implications for the future.

Revitalising an Ageing Brand: F1 - the 69 year old start-up

Find out how one of the world’s most recognisable sport brands is transforming itself to become a fully sustainable media business in the modern era.

Reimagining Branded Content with Bleacher Report

According to July 2019 Shareablee Report Bleacher Report and House of Highlights combined for 8 of the 10 top branded content posts by publishers. This discussion will take a look at how the #1 sports media brand for millennial and Gen Z sports fans is leveraging its reach and unparalleled content creation team to reinvent the branded content space. It will take a look at its approach for Serge Ibaka’s popular culinary interview show: How Hungry Are You?
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