The Resurgence of F1: Building an Innovative Sports & Entertainment Platform

With new ownership, F1 has reinvented itself as the most technologically advanced, global sports & entertainment platform there is. Before the take-over by Liberty Media, F1 was perceived as champagne fuelled, unattainable lifestyle. This session will explore the rapid evolution of F1 with perspectives from F1, an F1 team as well as a leading sponsor. What’s the vision for the future and what role can it play for brands and partners?

How A Philosophy Of Beautiful Football Can Make The Beautiful Game A New Reality

In this session, Manchester City CMO Nuria Tarré is interviewed by COPA90 Chief Business Officer James Kirkham, in an exclusive reveal of Manchester City Football Clubs release of their research into women’s football around the world. The session will highlight the clubs’ ambitions inspire a new movement, empower and embolden the trailblazers and support the women’s game in years to come.
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