Meet the Momillennials

Just when we thought we’ve figured out the psyche of millennials, here comes another tough market to penetrate. Who are these Momillennials? Being one of the most coveted demographic groups in the eyes of modern marketers, millennial moms are a source of great economic power. However, it is not easy to understand the way they think, act and purchase. For one, it is important to note that millennial moms are completely different from their own mothers. Merlee Jayme heads Dentsu’s...

Interactive 3D Ad x Full Automated Marketing Platform & Case Studies of Brand Advertising in Mobile Games

Interactive ad format utilizing 3D model enables to better appeal to end users on the attractiveness of product/brand. Together with our machine learning algorithm that automatically optimizes based on user engagement data, it will enable to reach user group that has shown real interest. Together with the case study, this presentation will go through the effectiveness of interactive ad for Brand and how we utilize machine learning. Second half of the presentation will cover the topic of...

Global Keynote Series: Evolution of Vertical Videos and Social Media Reshaping Social Ecology in China

Vertical style became the hottest keyword of 2018 in china, it is a new evolution of human expression. In this era of rapid development of the Internet industry, the rapid growth rate of vertical style short video” is the first in the mobile Internet, which has brought about a new revolution in brand marketing and a new opportunity in intergenerational change. With the rapid development of China, Social Media has faced a continuing progress, from Blogs and Weibo to wide spread short...

How AI is Changing Advertising in China

Advertising in China is at the frontlines in AI adoption and innovation. The majority of ad spend in China is already digital, and AI-based advertising thrives on the massive datasets available in China for number crunching and automation. The key driver for AI in advertising, however, is China’s hyper-competitive e-commerce market, which is more than double the size of its US counterpart. China’s white hot AI advertising applications can serve as roadmaps and spark ideas in other...

Global Keynote Series: Live and Interactive - The Future of Advertising

You have heard that today's young, sought-after audiences enjoy watching their favorite online personalities play video games, make art, or simply talk, sometimes spending just as much as time as they do watching their favorite TV shows and movies. Why do youth watch people play video games or perform hobbies? How can advertisers learn from these behaviors and design campaigns that most effectively reach this audience? Learn the answer from Kevin Lin, Co-Founder of Twitch, the world's...

E-Commerce in China: Build a Strong Brand while Sustaining Long-term Growth

The revenue from China and from Chinese tourists are growing to important levels that cannot be ignored.  Many Brands try to reach Chinese consumers and sell their products by Cross-boarder EC and/or entry into China - an advanced digitalized market. How can we create that holistic buying experience to win the heart of the progressive digital consumer?

Where Supply Meets Demand: Unifying the Adtech Ecosystem

Our industry is evolving at a rapid pace, but platforms are only as powerful as the data behind them. As advertisers and publishers race the competition across optimization, transparency and brand safety, access to quality data is more important than ever. As a result, the relationship between supply and demand has never been more complex & so closely aligned. In this session, leading advertisers and publishers unite to share their perspectives and discuss how successful companies are...

The Evolution of Programmatic Advertising in Japan

Programmatic is fast becoming a crucial strategic enabler for the selling and buying of all advertising. It’s estimated that 62 percent of digital advertising revenue in Japan will be attributed to programmatic by 2022 with emerging formats driving growth. As programmatic continues to evolve the market will encounter challenges, but how can the industry band together to overcome these obstacles and ensure the opportunity is realised? This panel will discuss the next phase of...

Future Innovation of Visual Storytelling: What Marketers should know about AR/VR

Through this session, we will be walking you through how AR & VR have the potential to transform everything for marketers from communication to commerce, and some ways that you can adopt AR & VR in your marketing activities starting today. See what the future of reality may look like for people and brands.

Global Keynote Series: Digital Trends at Crossroad of Media, Creativity & Tech

Digital Trends at the Crossroad of Media, Creativity, and Technology Exploring key digital trends for content conception in a mobile-first world, redefining consumer journey and be inspired by concrete, disruptive creative examples.

Global Keynote Series: Thinking like a Black Sheep

Big, different ideas jolt and move people. They build brands and grow businesses. But how do you get to difference in the first place? Join Pelle Sjoenell, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of BBH, to hear his view on being the black sheep in creativity, and what it takes to come up with an idea that zags when most of the world zigs.
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