Global Keynote Series: Ten Techtonic Trends

From the impact of augmented reality and voice technology on user behavior to the reasons data-driven creative is key to solving the escalating need for content, this is a practical view into the roadmap of the world’s largest and most awarded creative production partner. Hear what trends are happening now, near and the future trends that will be next.

Asian Leadership Roundtable

As the global advertising and media landscape continues to evolve at the hands of innovation, new technology and big data, a new set of challenges are sure to follow. But in today’s predominantly digital-first world, the new tech-driven eco-system also shows opportunities for growth unlike anything we’ve seen before. Hear from leaders in the Asian media industry as they discuss the rapidly evolving media landscape and the timeless value of creativity, storytelling and big ideas.

Building Brand Loyalty in a Disloyal World

Consumer attitudes towards loyalty are a double-edged sword for Marketers: one the one hand, a loyal customer is more valuable than ever; on the other hand, customer loyalty is harder and harder to develop and retain. In this talk we explore how consumers discover new brands and how brands can develop and retain loyal customers.

Communication Risk for Brands Beyond Ad-Verification

Ad verification proves the safety of media, yet does not guarantee with whom the communication is taking place. We will discuss in a panel discussion format with advertisers for two main issues that become apparent from this point of view and some of the clues in overcoming it. 1. Risk of Look-Alike Targeting 2. Risk of brand damage that comes from high ad frequency

Global Keynote Series: NBC Olympics

Linda Yaccarino and Gary Zenkel take the AWAsia stage to share insights into the 2020 Olympics and years of experience bringing the games to life.

Automation and Optimization: Making the Most of Everything

Supply-Path-Optimization is the new normal. Computers now tell us the best path forward and help us make faster, more informed decisions. Computers have become our assistants, strategists and part of the creative toolbox. Join us for this panel, crossing the boundaries of tech, marketing, organizational effectiveness, and creative to hear diverse perspectives on how optimization, AI, and Automation are disrupting the system.

AI, Advertising, Entertainment

As the increase in the amount and speed of content consumption accelerates, how will AI be used in this area? The two speakers will introduce examples of actual AI use in automated creative generation and its optimization, as well as how AI will change entertainment in the future.

There is a Wide Gap Between Global Standards of Ad Verification and Japan's

There are many things you should process to do to avoid being a disliked advertisement. I would like to discuss with you about the global standards and the Japanese standards of ad verification at this presentation.In addition, we should ultimately secure brand safety and lead to an effective advertisement. To realize what is the user's main concern of the advertisement when they are reaching it and how user feel. In above of advertisement, we also would like to discuss with you to have...

Global Keynote Series: Nadia Tuma-Weldon

Join McCann Worldgroup's Nadia Tuma-Weldon in conversation with Campaign Japan's David Blecken.

Global Keynote Series: Recruit’s Global and Digital Transformation

In 2011, with the company’s very survival on the line, it was decided to transform into a global IT business. From 2012, based around Indeed as the central pillar, we developed M&As with global HR Tech enterprises and promoted a shift toward becoming a digital technology company. While keeping experiences of failure in mind, I will talk about the acquisition and PMI of companies with core competencies in Big-Data and Machine-Learning as the key to the success of digitization and globalization.

Global Keynote Series: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. But Do It

In the world of today, standing out is not just a nice to have but the only way to survive. Through a series of award winning case studies, Burger King will share some of the principles on how to develop work that truly stands out and how that creates value for the brand and the business.
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