Interactive 3D Ad x Full Automated Marketing Platform & Case Studies of Brand Advertising in Mobile Games

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Interactive ad format utilizing 3D model enables to better appeal to end users on the attractiveness of product/brand. Together with our machine learning algorithm that automatically optimizes based on user engagement data, it will enable to reach user group that has shown real interest. Together with the case study, this presentation will go through the effectiveness of interactive ad for Brand and how we utilize machine learning. Second half of the presentation will cover the topic of brand advertising in mobile games: 1. Advertising in mobile games. Opportunity for brand marketers to reach audiences in the most engaging way. 2. Casual gaming and advertising within in Japan. 3. Case studies: large brands using mobile games advertising to reach target audience.
Rohit Sharma Co-Founder and CEO
POKKT Mobile Ads
Nobuyoshi Noda Director
Adways Inc.

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