The Evolution of Programmatic Advertising in Japan

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Programmatic is fast becoming a crucial strategic enabler for the selling and buying of all advertising. It’s estimated that 62 percent of digital advertising revenue in Japan will be attributed to programmatic by 2022 with emerging formats driving growth. As programmatic continues to evolve the market will encounter challenges, but how can the industry band together to overcome these obstacles and ensure the opportunity is realised? This panel will discuss the next phase of programmatic advertising in Japan.
Yeon Sung Country Manager - Japan
Rubicon Project
Ryoya Yanagida Deputy Manager , Product Planning Section , Digital Services Innovation Division
The Asahi Shimbun
Ryusuke Hori General Manager , Video & Data Business Development Department
TV Tokyo Communications Corporation
Ichiro Jinnai President & CEO
Live Board, Inc
Hiroki Ito Managing Director
Cadreon/Reprise Japan

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