APAC 2019


The Future of TV is Here

The days of planning media channels in isolation are well and truly behind us. TV is doing its bit to help through Virtual Australia, which aims to revolutionise planning and measurement of television – everywhere and any time because it allows brands to see their audiences at both ends of the funnel across time and screens. Join Doug Peiffer CEO at OzTAM and Sarah Keith, Managing Director, Publicis Media Exchange, for a discussion of the issues involved.

Mental Health: The Industry's Big Issue

The Mentally Healthy report recently revealed that people within the media, marketing and creative industry showed greater signs of mental illness compared to the national average. It’s time to break down the stigma around mental health and have an open discussion about how we can improve the industry’s wellbeing. In this lesson, business leaders and mental health advocates discuss their own mental health challenges and explore ways we can make our industry more mentally healthy.

Changing the World: Innovation, Technology and Social Impact

We’re in an industry that doesn’t exactly have the best reputation right now. But we still believe marketing can be a force for good. As strategic discussions increasingly focus on how business can evolve and capitalise on innovation, it is important to recognise the enhanced role companies should play in the responsible use of disruptive technologies. Their challenge will be finding ways to design and architect models for driving transformative change both for philanthropic good and...

Building Trust and Brand Loyalty Through Data

Trust between consumers and brands is the corner-stone of building life-time customer engagement and loyalty. Yet the ability to deliver personalised conversations and protect the privacy of the consumer is a fine balancing act with agencies playing a critical role in managing this relationship. Hear from Jo Gaines, Salesforce's VP of Data and Audiences, Roger Slater (Citibank) and Jessie Mitchell (Amicus Digital) on data and technology strategies to rebuild trust with your customers.

A Data Foundation for Modern Advertising Strategies

Learn how brands are utilising independent analytics & DMP tools to deliver connected advertising experiences across all channels to drive real business outcomes.​ Features a case study showing how Adobe customer Origin Energy approached building technology and talent relationships with their organisation and partners to start to deliver on its strategic objectives.

How to Be a Digital Disruptor

How does a brand maintain momentum and a sense of self as it moves from digital disruptor to market leader? How does a growing brand identify when a new market is ripe for disruption? Hear from former Just Eat UK Marketing Director, now Menulog Group ANZ Managing Director, Ben Carter, on how the now 19-year-old Just Eat brand has managed to maintain relevance and a global lead in an ever-changing and dynamic market.

The 2024 Agency

The last five years have brought change, turmoil and surprises from within the industry and beyond. So what do the next five years have in store for adland? How will these potential changes and challenges affect our business and ultimately the agency structure itself? Peer into the crystal ball with this lesson about what lies ahead. Featuring Facebook, GroupM, DDB Sydney, Yango and The Trade Desk.

Diversity in Advertising - Research Findings

An Adobe survey has found that diversity is still a challenge in advertising. In this quickfire lesson, Sam Smith, APAC Advertising Cloud Enterprise Sales at Adobe, tackles this important topic.

IBM Watson Analyses 15 years of VICE Australia

In 2018, VICE partnered with AI & machine learning consultancy Otso.ai to use IBM Watson (IBM’s AI tool) to crunch 15 years of content & Facebook data in an effort to turn digital breadcrumbs into powerful insights. Using Ekman’s five pillars of emotion (joy, anger, disgust, sadness and fear) as a lens, the findings from this part exercise in nostalgia, part data storytelling project give us a fascinating look at what stories and topics engrossed Australia year on year, and how they made...

The Leadership Gap: The Blueprint for Customer Centricity

While most marketers prioritise knowing how their customers make purchase decisions, much fewer marry data with technology to successfully market to customers decision journeys (CDJ). For today’s leaders, a combination of first and third-party data are critical CDJ inputs, feeding into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to create personalized, relevant experiences. Lynne Kjolso Vice President Global Corporate Sales at Microsoft explains how to work more effectively.

Designing for Participation

In today’s digital media landscape where consumers are spoiled for choice, brands need a clearly defined purpose to capture hearts and minds. But what does it really take for brands to cut through the noise? And what are the audience behaviours driving the culture-defining moment's brands want to tap into? Lee Owens Head of Brand Strategy, ANZ at Twitter explains that people don't just buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And on Twitter, more than ever, we're seeing brands evolve towards...

Why Your Brand Needs an Audio Logo and How to Create an Effective One

In an age where voice is fast becoming a chosen way for consumers to interact with brands, now is the time to create your suite of sonic brand assets. In this session, Matt Dickson, National Head of Creativity - The Studio at SCA, will cover audio's unique relationship with the brain, as well as audio logo creation and best practice - based on learnings gathered through partnerships with global audio benchmarking business Veritonic and implicit response experts Cloud Army.
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