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Jason Feifer, editor of Entrepreneur, conducts a fireside chat with Michael Loeb and Rich Vogel, the founders of The noted entrepreneurs will discuss how they approach entrepreneurism at their “venture collective,” which is currently fostering 18 startups across a variety of verticals. As a primer for the Startup Competition, Feifer will uncover how investors assess the potential of early stage companies.

The chat will be followed by Advertising Week’s annual Startup Competition, a rapid fire presentation from three newly hatched companies. Rich Vogel leads the judges panel, which is comprised of Reza Chowdhury, founder & CEO of AlleyWatch, Bahiyah Robinson, founder and CEO of VC Include, and Justine Watkins, CEO of Bonin Ventures.

The winning startup will secure an intensive strategy session led by Loeb, Vogel and the growth and innovation team.


Michael Loeb Founder & CEO Loeb Enterprises
Rich Vogel COO & CFO
Jason Feifer Editor in Chief Entrepreneur Magazine
Reza Chowdhury Founder & CEO AlleyWatch
Bahiyah Robinson Founder and CEO VC Include
Justine Watkins CEO & Advisor Bonin Ventures

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Event Type Workshop