In this session...

In this session, Conscious Enterprises founder, Roxana Rafatjah, will introduce a morning meditation to get you focused, centered and performing at the top of your game. Led by Biet Simkin.

Join us for a dynamic panel on the symbiotic relationship between impact & introspection. Understanding this relationship is imperative to improving your business and your life.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Get centered with a short meditation
  2. Learn how business leaders are being impactful with business
  3. Learn keys to introspection and wellness for life
  4. Learn how businesses can maximize potential with introspective practices


Emily Fletcher Founder & CEO Ziva Meditation
Roxana Rafatjah Founder Conscious Enterprises
Karan Rai Founder & CEO Asgard Partners
Biet Simkin Meditation Guide Center of the Cyclone
Jason Harris President/CEO Mekanism

Event Details

Event Type Seminar