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Imagine a world without news. How would that impact our lives, our literacy, our democracy? What about our jobs in advertising? As trust in news erodes, so does the heart and soul of our business. Some argue that advertiser hyper-sensitivity to brand safety in news is impacting the sector’s economic viability, while others believe in its necessity. Join this time-sensitive dialogue with advertiser, publisher, agency and tech executives as they debate and collaborate on what it will take to restore trust in news.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Key news business challenges that are materially affecting the sector’s long-term economic viability
  2. What tactical steps major marketers, agencies and news publishers are doing to demonstrate how news can be a safe and effective environment for advertising
  3. Why now is the time for the media industry to take responsibility for the sustainable future of trusted, professional news

Presented with


Christine Cook SVP, CRO CNN Digital WarnerMedia
David Kohl President & CEO TRUSTX
Joe Barone Managing Partner, Brand Safety Americas GroupM
Yale Cohen EVP, Global Activation Standards Publicis Media Exchange
Susanne Mei Senior Vice President CBS News Digital
Terri Schriver Senior Vice President of Enterprise Media Bank of America

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