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Games like Fortnite and Minecraft have become some of the world’s top entertainment IPs thanks to their popularity among Preteen gamers. Successful brands are also taking note of the important role games play in the lives of Preteens. Non-gaming brands including the NFL, Nike and Marvel have all made appearances in Fortnite. The unprecedented rise of Fortnite points to the opportunities that exist for publishers and brands that successfully appeal to this group of players.

How can publishers plan for development pipelines given the journey of young and upcoming gamers? What platforms do Preteens primarily use for game discovery, what devices do they prefer, and how do they pay for game content? Join Carter Rogers, Principal Analyst at SuperData, a Nielsen company, who will present SuperData’s latest findings from its groundbreaking Preteen Gamer study that will help game developers, publishers and brands develop a comprehensive understanding of Preteen behaviors and sentiments. He will reveal how gaming and non-gaming brands alike can engage Preteen gamers and what the ingredients are for the next big hit. View Less

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  1. Which games other than Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox are surprisingly popular among preteens
  2. How preteens learn about new games and how YouTube and Twitch affect game discovery
  3. The complex ways preteens get money to spend on games and in-game content

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Carter Rogers Principal Analyst SuperData, a Nielsen company

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Event Type Discover Talk

Track  Gaming & ESports