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What is brand belonging and why should brands care?

In today’s hyper-connected era, studies show that consumers are feeling more disconnected than ever before. With online networks replacing real-world relationships, political polarization at an all-time high and a collapse of trust in large institutions a “belonging deficit” has grown nationwide and companies are responding.

This panel will explore how brands can fill that belonging deficit and build brand belonging through experiences, products and services that address the growing cultural need for connection, community and purpose. The panel will also discuss preliminary findings from a Trusted Media Brands survey on advertisers' and marketers' attitudes on brand belonging.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why brands should see a cultural “belonging deficit” as an opportunity to build brand belonging – one of the biggest emerging trends in the marketplace.
  2. The essential brand belonging tactic that should be in every brand’s marketing playbook.
  3. Why brands are investing in consumer-to-consumer communities to build brand belonging, and how this is different than building a social media following.

Presented with


J. Walker Smith Chief Knowledge Officer, Brand & Marketing Kantar Consulting
Tatyana Mamut Head of Product Nextdoor
Bruce Kelley Chief Content Officer, Reader's Digest Trusted Media Brands
Ronak Patel Senior Vice President, Marketing, PR, Research & Digital Revenue Trusted Media Brands
Jack Koch Head of Insights & Measurement Reddit

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