In this session...

Often marketers think of Omni in terms of their sales channels (stores, websites, mobile, etc.), but they should be encouraged to take a customer-focused approach to Omni. Successful Omni strategies aren't focused on driving sales to a particular channel, they focus on customer convenience. The channel doesn't matter as much as winning the next sale.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why you should think about Omni as both a customer mindset and the channels they purchase within.
  2. Why Omni customers are the most valuable to your business – both in terms of overall spend and their likelihood to return.
  3. The link between Omni & loyalty.
  4. How to pinpoint your best Omni prospects.
  5. What tactics you should have in place to drive people to become increasingly Omni when shopping with you.

Presented with


Dani Cushion CMO Cardlytics
Shannon Versaggi Vice President of Integrated Marketing Lowe's
Jon Gibson Director of Digital Marketing and eCommerce Advance Auto Parts

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Event Type Seminar